• More missions and more translations

Hi there

We have new mission submissions from our users: Computing a summary route in new mission "IP network: route summarization" from minto. Check how good you are with dates by solving a new mission from suic - The Most Frequent Weekdays. And you won’t be disappointed by a new combinatorial mission from DaveDiFranco - Making Change.

All those missions were created by our awesome users with only one purpose: so you can get on the TOP of our monthly leader board. We will know who the leader is by end of month, so don’t waste anytime climbing to the top.

While some users are creating a new missions, other users are working on improving those missions. Thanks to user Bibiche, we have made good progress implementing French translations for a lot of the missions. Here is our translation progress and our current TOP 5 countries are Russian, Spanish, Japanese, France and Ukraine.

We have also added a simple translation functionality for those users who are more willing to read mission descriptions in their native language. Missions that have your language translated are marked in the missions list on an island so it will be easier for you to choose where to start.

- oduvan

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