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Good day, CheckiO users!

You've been asking us for this for some time now. So we did it!

Yes, this week we're launching a mission search . Isn't that great!

The search bar you can reach from the Map Page, where you can tap on the widget in the upper-right corner, or by simply following the link, which can also be found in the footer area. Here you'll be able to search for missions by name, tags, and/or description.

Search will be performed only on those missions that are currently accessible for the user.

Challenge yourself with our latest missions:

The first mission is called "End Zeros" where you have to find out how many zeros are at the end of the given number.

end_zeros(0) == 1
end_zeros(1) == 0
end_zeros(10) == 1
end_zeros(101) == 0

The second is the "Number Length" mission and here you need to figure out how many digits a positive integer has.

number_length(10) == 2
number_length(0) == 1

The third mission is "Backward String" where the task is to return the string in reverse order.

backward_string('val') == 'lav'
backward_string('') == ''
backward_string('ohho') == 'ohho'
backward_string('123456789') == '987654321'

The fourth mission is called "Backward Each Word" where you have to reverse every word in the given string but leave them is their places.

backward_string_by_word('') == ''
backward_string_by_word('world') == 'dlrow'
backward_string_by_word('hello world') == 'olleh dlrow'
backward_string_by_word('hello   world') == 'olleh   dlrow'
    Highlights from the world of Python:
  • Exception handling in Python is an extremely important concept for beginner developers to grasp, but things can get a bit confusing when moving beyond the basics. So check out 6 Exceptionally Common Pitfalls of Python Exception Handling! It might really put things into perspective!
  • You know how to Overload Functions in Python? You still believe that Python does not support function overloading? But a solution to it has been already hacked by using common language constructs. You just have to know more!
  • Are you interested in building an OAuth service that can be used as a way to authenticate calls to an API or within a microservices architecture? It can be quite fascinating! The project uses Python, Flask, Postgres and JWT.

The users who’ve made the TOP 3 this month are veky, przemyslaw.daniel, and flpo. You are doing great, guys! Keep on coding!

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