• Mission Plan Alpha

Hello Codestronauts!

Fall has finally kicked off and we have a nice selection of challenging new missions for you!

Stephen accidentally set off a robot-mine. Fortunately for him, his frame is built to withstand tremendous amounts of damage. One of his legs was busted up though so Nikola is working on fixing it. We need you to help Sofia develop a program to find the rest of the mines to make travel through the region safe. Head over here to help out.

We sent the robots a care package from home recently with a new puzzle for them to try out. It’s a crossword puzzle that has been filtered through a cipher. This puzzle is supposed to help the robots develop their critical thinking modules. Follow this link if you want ot try your hand at the puzzle

Nikola recently requisitioned a Mass Spectrometer. Unfortunately the software for it is somewhat incomplete. If you could help him out with that, we’d appreciate it. You need to write the new software so that it can determine the atomic number of various elements fed into the machine. Head on over here for the mission details.

So there you have it! Three new missions for you! Next week we should have a few more missions ready for you to tackle.

May the code be with you,


CheckiO’s Advanced Robotics Dept. Head

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