• Meet our Autumn star player!

In our recent newsletter we praised Amachua for his active role in the CheckiO community - and rightly so! Today we'd like you to find out a little more about our star player.

How did you learn about CheckiO?
I learned about CheckiO on korben's website. It said that the CheckiO website is a really good site to learn Python. At this time, I didn't know how to program in this language. That's why I decided to join the adventure! :)

How long have you been on the platform?
I'm not sure, but I think I'm on CheckiO since one year.

What do you like about CheckiO?
The thing I like the most on CheckiO is to be able to see each-others solutions. Thanks to that, I learned a lot of new algorithms (BFS, Djikstra, A*...) and I improved my development skills!
Another thing I like is the leveling system. I'm a born gamer and I love to feel that I evolve/progress. With the leveling system of CheckiO, I feel the same thing, so I try to reach the maximum experience. :p

You are pretty active in the forum, what do you focus on when you look at solutions from other players?
I focus on the readability of the solution. Because I think that a good code is a code that is easily understandable. To give a example of codes I liked, I think that those of PositronicLama are a good example. His solutions are well written and well commented.
I'm also focusing on the size of the code. And, for that point, I think that the best is Veky! I'm often amazed by his ability to shrink his solution to the bare minimum.

When do you play most? (evenings? lunch breaks?)
I don't know how to answer to this question. I think the best response is: whenever I can. :)

What kind of challenges do you like most?
I like most of the challenges. But I think the more points it's worth the more I like the challenge! Recently, I like the "Batcave" challenge!

If you'd be a character in a game, who/what would you be?
Hum... That's a hard question. I think I'd pick GLaDOS from portal because its sense of humor is really amazing and its song is so beautiful! :D

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