• Mastering Sudoku and awesome looking ghosts

Hi there!

So, what's new this week?!

New to the team: Nikolay Frantsev
We’re happy to welcome Nikolay on board. As a front-end developer, he will work on all pretty things you get to see on the CheckiO platform. Starting with the main map. A little bird told us that he’ll also add a JavaScript interpreter for CheckiO. Read more about it on our blog - exciting stuff!

Master Sudoku with code
I’m pretty sure we all know Sudoku, a logic-based combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Read that ‘logic-based’? That probably means we can use coding to find a solution - in no time! But that’s not the only reason that we love this mission. It’s also one of the first missions, created by one of our users: Amachua! Go, give it a try!

These ghosts look pretty good - for their age!
Do you remember how Nicola was trying to figure out how old ghosts are? You were to help Nicola write a function to determine the age of a ghost based on its opacity. We asked you for a creative solution, and sure got to see a lot of cool stuff! Like Anne29’s solution, or Juge_Ti’s PacMan-inspired try:

But ghosts were not the only creepy creatures we had on our mind this week! We all tried to find the computer chip that is hidden in a bunker full of bats. Juge_Ti's solution and Soultaker's solution were both praised for being compact and very readable.

We'll announce the winners of both of these challenges tomorrow - which still gives you some time to vote for the best solutions!

We need your savvy solutions
We need your help! One of our first missions on the home island, called Non Unique Elements, needs a little advanced-coder-love. We want to give people who are new to coding and new to CheckiO the possibility to browse through some top notch solutions... from you guys! We hope you can help us wow novice coders, by publishing your solution.

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