• Massive Mission Update + #reviewmycode bonus

Welcome again, fellow masters of code!

Today we would like to announce huge mission roster update and something special for our players! Four new missions are here for you to improve your Python skills!

Thanks to our active community and especially @ciel, we're getting more and more player-built missions, here's two of them. They might look same, but trust us, there's some tricky stuff going on there!

Univocalic Factaral: In this task you need to write a function named "a_factaral" which calculates the factorial without using these letters in code:"eiou". We have one more rule for this challenge, but we will let you figure it out for yourselves.
Univocalic Fecterel: This mission is almost the same as it's predecessor but this time you have to exclude "aiou" from your code. The secret rule stays the same. ;)

Creative code essay missions are the kind of mission where you don't need to solve anything. You are feel free to write your thoughts about the problem in code, or in code comments. There's not alot of this kind of missions, for example: I Love Python

The Best Number Ever: is pretty much the same as I Love Python. This mission is pretty simple to solve: you are given a function called "checkio", which will return any number (integer or float), and your task is to write an essay in python code which will explain why is your number is the best.
And our long time forgotten mission Solution For Anything came back from the beyond. We can only describe it as "Creative mission in a nutshell", just check it out by yourself, we bet you'll love it.

Last but not least!

As we've stated at the beginning of this article, we have something special for our players! Now, if you want someone to review your code but no one ever looks at your solution, our team is at your service! Simply tweet to @PlayCheckiO with a link to your solution and the #reviewmycode hashtag and someone from CheckiO team will review your code!

We hope you enjoy our updates and improvements, we're always earger to hear from you about what you like and want to see. If you've got any ideas or issues, please feel free to contact us in the comment section below or via email (contact@checkio.org)

Live long and prosper and may the Force be with you!

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