• Let’s make our forum better

Hi :)

We missed last week news. So we have some extra news for you!

Do you remember my post, “Let’s make our forum better”? .

Well… we listened to your feedback and implemented some of your ideas. Here are two new features:

  • Mark as resolved. Now, if you ask a question and get right answer you can mark your question as “Resolved”. Check top menu of your post.
  • Subscribed tags. Now you can subscribe on specific tags of the forum. You will be notified about all new posts with these tags, and on right panel of forum you will see all the tags you subscribed to.
  • And a couple new badges for you

We are not closing the discussion there. So if you have more ideas, or ideas about these two new ideas, feel free to comment on this post.

Meanwhile, I need your feedback and help with one more new idea I shared with you on our forum. It is about new missions on CheckiO.

A couple weeks ago we opened two more missions on the CheckiO map and if you shared your solution there you probably noticed that we are doing constant random review there. The mode for those missions two mission (What is wrong with this family? and String Conversion) has changed. Now, after sharing your solution you can get access to the Leader Board.

The last survey shows that 75% of you are waiting for some really hard mission here. I'll do my best next time, thanks again for your feedback. The next survey is here, I picked an idea for the next question from the previous survey.

I also want to congratulate the German speaking users of CheckiO. You guys have GiForce and DahliaSR, and they are going to translate CheckiO Missions to German. This is awesome. Alice Island and Elementary are done already! Thank you!

A draft version of new mission, “Largest Rectangle in a Histogram” is on Polygon Island. You can test it and tell us what do you think.

- Alex

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