• Japan's Top CheckiO Players and New Missions Unlocked!

CheckiO's first regional competition has come to a close and that means it's time to announce Japans to CheckiO Programmers!

gyahun_dash is our crowned champion of Japan, having earned +426 points with their solutions!
ciel came in 2nd place with +374 points for their solutions.
Sim0000 came in 3rd place with +352 points for their solution.

As of today, the Japan exclusive missions are now available for CheckiO players world-wide! Think you have what it takes to challenge our champions? Head on over to these missions and test your coding prowess:

DNA Split Golf: Split and sort DNA in this golf mission.
DNA Common Sequence: Find the longest DNA subsequence in a strand.
Bacteria Colonies: Analyze the image to find the best bacterial colony.

Lastly, we'll be continuing this series of regional competitions over the next couple of months, and we'd like your feedback! Right now there's a discussion going on over in the forum where players can vote to bring the next competition to their home country!

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