• Interview with Dahlia

I am very excited to share an interview with one of CheckiO'snosy active users. Dahlia, is helping other users on the forum, creating new missions, and providing German translation for our current missions. It was a very positive and informative conversation.


Oduvan: Hi, Dahlia. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? How old are you?

Dahlia: Hi, Alex and CheckiO Users. My name really is Dahlia. I am 17 years old and this summer I will finish 10th grade of high school. And I do live with my mother and my dog in Hamburg, Germany. Most of my time I spend with school, my dog and my job. The rest of the time I spend either with reading, mostly fantasy novels, or on my computer.

Oduvan: Fantasy novels? That’s awesome! Now I know who can help me with fancy stories for new missions. :) What are your top 3 favorite fantasy novels?

Dahlia: Actually I do read anything if it is entertaining, but fantasy novels are my favourites, especially those by Brandon Sanderson. My personal top three fantasy novels are:

Demon Cycle, by Peter V. Brett. Part 1 - The Painted Man, Part 2 - The Desert Spear, Part 3 - The Daylight War, Part 4 - The Skull Throne

Mistborn, Original Trilogy (Era One) by Brandon Sanderson. Part 1 - The Last Empire, Part 2 - The Well of Ascension, Part 3 - The Hero of Ages

The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien. The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King

Oduvan: How long have you been coding in Python? And why Python?

Dahlia: I started coding in Python shortly before I signed up to CheckiO and that was about a year ago. Why Python? Well, actually I started coding in Lua, because I wanted to change a mod for game. Then I felt like I wanted to learn more about coding and went on to Java, but I soon had the feeling that Java is a bit “too much” for the beginning. I wanted to learn more about solving simple tasks, the basics. So I used a well known web search service to find something better and ran into Python. I quickly finished the tutorial on Codecademy and I felt like: “Yes, Python is cool!”. Veky once stated something like: “Python code is close to natural human language.” and I agree with him. Reading code of others can be challenging , especially for beginners. The fact that Python code is close to natural human language makes learning to read code much easier.

Oduvan: Yes :) Veky is very popular coder on CheckiO thanks to his creative solutions and code-reviews. What is your favorite missions on CheckiO and why?

Dahlia: I don’t have a favourite mission at this moment. I am really short on time in the last months and could hardly spend time on solving missions, but it looks like I can spare more time now.

Oduvan: You have been playing CheckiO for almost a year now. You even became the first moderator on CheckiO. What do you enjoy most about the game?

Dahlia: Solving a task is always a good feeling. But what next? What do you get from “only” solving it? To me CheckiO is not really a game but a platform to increase my skills and learn something new. I love to solve a task and then look at the solutions of others. Sometimes it’s really enlightening and you say to yourself: “Damn, I could have come to that too.” or “Oh, that’s a great approach, much better than mine.” Veky really does a great job using his practice and skills to help others. And of course I like the option to support CheckiO with almost anything required for it, like translations, task reviews, ideas and so on.

Oduvan: This question is just for fun. Imagine a world without coders, developers or testers. The entire IT sphere is completely shut down. What would you do? What occupation would you choose?

Dahlia: Oh my god really? That’s a horrible image you are painting. My computer, my smartphone, my tablet… All gone? If this is ever going to happen I will go to Gallifrey, steal a TARDIS and then I would fix this unacceptable problem.

But honestly… I think I would either become a teacher or a dog trainer.

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