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Hi, CiO friends!

On CheckiO we have all sorts of different and challenging missions. Sometimes you just need to solve input-output function. Sometimes it's a round of codeGolf. Sometimes you will play a game with a special score system. But two of these missions are very different. These are more creative writing, or as we call them "code essay" missions. In this kind of task, you don't need to solve anything as there is only one test which will take any given answer. This is a mission for you to write your thoughts about the given problem in code (or in code comments). So, today we will look at the "I Love Python" mission.


This mission is simple to solve. You are given a function called "i_love_python" which will only return the phrase - "I love Python!". Let's write an essay in python code which will explain why you love python.

For this mission players get points only when other players vote for their specific solution.

Code essays

Most solutions for this mission are written as commented novels or something brain twist-y. I'll try to find some of the more interesting essays. If I miss your favorite, feel free to put links to the solution in the comments.

First of all, I'm comppelled to post the "Magnum opus" essay by the top level and one of the most famous CheckiO players, @veky. He is one of the smartest coders I know, hands down. This is the great solution because he's weaved the function into a rather good essay.

(lambda _:globals().__setitem__(_.lower().translate(dict(enumerate(( '_'
In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I'd have to write _essays_ here
on CheckiO. Yes, I know: who's talking? Really, I've written many mind-boggling
things here already, and I have puzzled many folks reading my solutions.
It's only fair that I puzzle myself now. :-\
So, what to write? You have already seen enough to realize that I consider
Python one of the most excellent inventions our civilization has ever made, not
only in the tier of programming languages. It still puzzles you: why one would
think so? Puzzling is good, because in this jaded culture, it is one of the
rare ways ideas can still be learned. Of course, my essay won't magically
enlighten you. But neither will Zen of Python by itself. Those are only small
chunks of an infinitely rich mosaic that's waiting for you to discover it on
your terms...
While you are trying to "digest" this essay, and wondering if it is an
essay at all, think: we must know, we will know. Good luck!"""[::73])

Next I have a short, simple and funny mission titled "Clearly" by @gyahun_dash True love does not need reason, and nothing is impossible if no one complains.

def i_love_python(complaints='', impossibles={}, reasons=None, love=True):
    return 'I love Python!'

@ciel has written the "Brainf**ck" solution and yes it's a BF with classes AND class.

class BF:
    def execute(self,s):
        while i<len(s):
            if s[i]=='>': self.ptr+=1
            elif s[i]=='<': self.ptr-=1
            elif s[i]=='+': self.buffer[self.ptr]+=1
            elif s[i]=='-': self.buffer[self.ptr]-=1
            elif s[i]=='.': ret+=chr(self.buffer[self.ptr])
            elif s[i]==',': pass #getchar
            elif s[i]=='[':
                if self.buffer[self.ptr]: ret+=self.execute(s[i+1:])
                while marker:
                    if s[i+1]=='[': marker+=1
                    if s[i+1]==']': marker-=1
            elif s[i]==']':
                if self.buffer[self.ptr]: i=-1
                else: return ret
        return ret

exPHP developer biography in @profuel's "First" solution.

def i_love_python():
    programming_years = 0
    while programming_years < 5:
        I_was_bored_PHP_developer = True
        programming_years+= 1
    if programming_years>=5:
        I_got_into_python_and_DJango_environment = True
        it_changed_my_programming_attitude_completely = True

        if type("I get into strange PHP unlike situation"):
            I_feel_like_I_hate_python_and_getting_back_to_basic_documentation = True

    return "I love Python!"

Comment novels

Many players wrote their thoughts as comment lines in code. Some stories are interesting and I think it will not take too much time to read them. I will put a few of them here with relevant quotes.

@reviewboy with the story which begin by TRS-80.

Why do I love Python? It's restored my enthusiasm for coding.

@Ch0bits with "Philosophic principles is main reason".

Although I don't use Python directly for my work. It's just a hobby.

@abe.dillon with readability essay.

Well written Python code comes the closest to reading like english

@smilicic about his path to Python.

...I love Python because it's the best language I've tried for expressing exact mathematical thoughts without much bureaucracy.

And that is just small sample from many-many stories and code puzzles. No doubt you can find other interesting solutions, so feel free to share them in comments here.

That's all folks. Goodbye, see you next Friday.

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