• Hints for Mission

The idea of CheckiO is to provide you with good practice by solving missions. You can also explore the solutions of other users and learn more about the programming language. CheckiO has never been a classical educational platform with lessons and educational materials, but a lot of missions have hints that look like a dialog that starts with the small push and ends with the actual solution - you, as a user, are free to stop the dialog at any point, where you feel like a given help is enough for you to solve the problem.

A lot of missions on CheckiO already have hints. For example, the first 2 stations on the Easy level are fully covered with hints. There are several rules we are trying to stick with while creating hints:

The first hint is a general idea. It is the very first small push. If you have some experience with solving missions - that might be enough for you to extend a small idea to the real solution.

Every next step explains part of the final solution. Split your solution in mind into logical steps and describe them one by one in a few next hints adding specific links, examples, and code blocks.

Avoid one-lines in your hint. The goal is to help you with understanding and solving in the first place, but not show some fancy ways to do it. For that purpose, we have a creative category on CheckiO. Feel free to check it after you solve the mission.

The final step shows the actual solution. You can copy-paste it into your editor to see what kind of mistakes you have made while solving the mission.

Extra-step for other solutions. As an option, you can show other ways to solve this mission or other ways to optimize the solution described in the hints. Do not just share the solutions, but also give some comments.

You, as a user of CheckiO can create your own hints for a mission even if the mission already has hints. Those changes will be merged (added) if they stick with the described rules. You can also help with mission translations and hints translations. More about it you can find in the article "How to Improve CheckiO Missions"

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