• Guido van Rossum's Code Review #1

This week we'll continuing our series of Code Review articles and with another one of Guido van Rossum's famous reviews. You can check out Guido's code review from last month in this article. Today have set of new with a few older reviews from Guido.

So let's start with the new review:

Broken Clock: A Broken Clock solution by one of CheckiO's well known community members @suic got a very positive review from Guido. Among other things, he noted a good usage of str.split() and a strict interpretation of the input format description. As a bonus, Guido describes his own variation of the solution along with quick code example.
8 Puzzle: Here is a total deconstruction of a 8-Puzzle mission solution by @altarfinch, featuring an A* algorithm. Guido takes each line of the solution and get's to the bones of altarfinch's code. You also might be interested in an A* algorithm overview from our recent CheckiO Weekly #5 ― Open Labyrinth Review.
The Row Of Cakes: Here's Guido's take on a modified version of a solution that was featured in a previous article.
The Hidden Word: And one of the most interesting Code Reviews from today's article, here's @Cjkjvfnby's solution. After this review, Guido even created competing solution!

That's all for today, be sure to check out the comments to each of the provided publications as there's surely something new to learn from.

Got ideas for new content? Let us know, we'd love to hear your opinions!

See you next wednesday!

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