• Gold And Opportunities

Hello Pythonistas!

I would like to remind you all that we need your help supporting CheckiO on www.angel.co/checkio! Helping us out is as simple as following us on Angel List!

I would also like to re-announce that CheckiO is looking to expand its team of developers and we are extending this opportunity to all CheckiO players first! If you love CheckiO and want to be a part of the upcoming exciting developments, check out the job description here.

We have a couple new missions for you this week! Both of these missions can be found on the Electronic Station:

First we have the “How Much Gold” mission.

And last we have the “Find IP” mission.

Guido VanRossum has reviewed altarfinch’s “A*implementation” for the 8 Puzzle mission. There’s loads of interesting tidbits in this review, so head on over here and check it out!

That’s what’s going on this week at CheckiO, tune in next week for more cool stuff!


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