• Ghost Age & Bats Bunker - the winners

And the winners are...

As promised, we'll announce the winners of the Ghost Age and Bats Bunker challenges today. These lucky coders get to choose an O'REILLY (e)book, for FREE!

Ghost Age

The most creative functions determining the age of a ghost, were written by:

  1. Anne29 (solution)
  2. Juge_Ti (solution)
  3. htamas (solution)

Bats Bunker

The best solutions to try and find the computer chip, hidden in a bunker full of bats, were by:

  1. Juge_Ti (solution)
  2. bunnychai (solution)
  3. Amachua (solution)

I’d know what I’d get with my O’REILLY voucher… like Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby. Or Jump Start Sinatra. BUT, it's not about me (bummer!).

Congratulations, guys, you'll get an email with your voucher code in 3, 2, 1...!

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