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Good Morning Pythonistas!

It’s the end of July and we’re just about to kick summer into high gear! We’re continuing the improvement of CheckiO this week with a few new updates. First, we have a new system to allow you to connect CheckiO to you Stack Overflow account. We’ve seen CheckiO players posting to Stack Overflow and thought it would be nice to connect the two!

Next we are implementing the ability to find your Facebook and Twitter friends through CheckiO! If you connect these social networks to your CheckiO account, you’ll be able to access a list of friends that are also connected to CheckiO! On top of this, connecting your social network accounts to CheckiO allows you to log in through any of them! So, should you forget your login info for one, you can try using the other!

Lastly, we are pushing out an update to the forum which will allow you to subscribe to specific tags. This way if anyone posts about your favorite mission or topic in the CheckiO Forum, you’ll know right away!

Next week we should have two new tasks ready for you all to play! Until then, keep calm and program on!


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