• Four New Missions

Good Afternoon Codestronauts!

CheckiO Mission Control has a full schedule for you this week.

First, we need you to help the Robots figure out the angles of various triangles. They’re working on some very sensitive experiments involving the landing trajectories of… Well, that part’s classified. This mission is codenamed “The Angles of Triangles.”

Next we need you to help take some water samples from a lake. Because the robots are artificial in nature, they need to follow a set of logic different than what you or I might use to fill the sample “water jars.” That’s besides the point though. Thing is, they need your help to write a new mission parameter that will help them get the right size sample. Simple as that.

We have another new mission designed by our star agent Suwanditan! You’ll be working on a very sensitive mission designed to sniff out errors and fix them. Technically this mission is for the CheckiO Mission Science Department, so you’ll be working with them then report back to us. This mission is code named “CheckSum.”

Last, we have another mission titled “The Good Radix.” We’re asking that you help the robots figure out which base number system they should use. This will help them to increase the accuracy of their calculations so consider this mission your priority.

You have your orders everyone. Send me a mission report when you’re ready, or discuss today’s briefing on our official blog.

That’s all for now,


Flight Commander


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