• Here's some lovely feedback we got from our users

A little over a week ago Alex, our CTO, wrote an email to our users explaining how he ended up building CheckiO:

“Ever since I started learning to code, I've always loved the fact that I could use Python to solve many different problems. As exciting as learning was, teaching myself from books often became quite boring. So some friends and I got together and decided to figure out a way to make the process more fun and engaging...”

And he wrote that they could get in touch with them to share their feedback and suggestions for CheckiO. We made a little selection of the best replies.

salcosta replied that he’s actually a JavaScript developer, and that he’d love to help create something similar in JS.

Rob confessed that he has just started learning Python. But: “I do really like it so far though. And yes, some of the documentation is horrifyingly dry. For a language named after a ridiculous (and hilarious) movie, I’m actually a little surprised at that. (...) I talked to another student in our department here who does Python stuff and asked how he’d gotten to the level he had gotten to. He showed me CheckiO and I thought the format of it was brilliant. Truly. (...) I’ve got a competitive streak, so being able to treat it like a game is perfect for me. Also, the posting of solutions so you can see others’ and give/receive comments is really helpful. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat, and seeing the code of others with different knowledge from my own is really beneficial.”

Albert first heard about CheckiO from his brother, who is a very experienced programmer. ”I told him I wanted to start learning programming and he told me he learned Python mostly from your site. Thank you for creating it.”

bbmgamedeveloper came across CheckIO as it was the one & only comment on this page.

lohvin was gently pushed towards CheckiO by his boss and Stephen by his college professor (Mercer University). And finally, CanmouWang finally, loves our design and thanked us for “the game and the help with self-learning!”

Thank you all, we love you too <3

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