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HubSpot Island
Wondering what an island inhabited by some of the universe best marketeers has to offer in terms of code challenges? Dive in and play around with Web Log Sessions, URL Normalization and figure out how to rotate the levers of the HubSpot Amulet so that you unlock its powers!

In HubSpot Amulet Sofia finds an interesting Amulet. Along the perimeter of the amulet small points are marked on each degree…

In URL normalization we investigate the process by which URLs are modified and standardized in a consistent manner. The goal of the normalization process is to transform…

In Web Log Sessions we look at logs from different web sites. These logs contains information about users requests. For analyzing this data we need to parse…

Dropbox challenges
A week ago we published our Dropbox station with two new missions "Pearls in the Box" and "Express Delivery". Since then we got a lot of cool solutions and now it is time for everybody who solved the challenges to start reviewing and voting for the best solutions. At the same time you still have a chance to submit new solutions to participate. So, don't miss an opportunity to win 100 GB from Dropbox and become a Dropbox challenge ninja!

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