• The Escher’s Island

Hi, guys!

For the Escher’s Island we’ve launched a separate project, https://escher.checkio.org, through which whoever wishes can enter and start solving coding puzzles for free without registration. If you like what we’re doing, support us today on ProductHunt.

    Also check out the articles we believe might be of use to you:
  • The routine processes automation is always useful. In case you’ll have to work with Excel and you’d like to use Python to transfer part of the tasks to automatic mode, this article will tell you how to do it.
  • In the discussion on Reddit, you can join the consideration of the positive and negative sides of Transcrypt, a compiler that allows you to translate Python code into JavaScript.
  • In addition to efficiency, programs must have another important property - code readability. This article will help you learn about a good code structuring style.

And of course our congratulations to the winner of August 2018 - mindaugas.dadurkevicius - you are totally Awesome! Great job, man!

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