• Empire of Code - Space Strategy Game from CheckiO

Good news everyone!

We'd like to start by saying thank you to everybody who's played CheckiO! Your support and feedback has been tremendous and it's truly warmed our hearts. It was and continues to be an amazing experience to release our first project to the world, and we were thrilled with the reception.

Based on what we've learned from our community during two awesome years of CheckiO development, we got to work and are now launching a new game. We're happy to announce that we’re about to open doors to our new project: Empire of Code!

As you know - we love gaming and programming, which is why we created the perfect symbiosis of both! Empire Of Code is a game with an awesome mix of strategy, tactics and coding which, as a fan of CheckiO, we hope you will enjoy! Once you step into the game, you will build, expand and code your Empire to victory. Right now you can subscribe to upcoming beta by signing up at empireofcode.com

You’ll be able to unleash your Python skills, and coming very soon, JavaScript skills. Did we mention the epic real-time battles with players from all around the world?

Hey, if you like CheckiO's new game, please share this amazing news with your programmer friends. We really rely on our fans to spread the word. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we get closer to Releasing Empire of Code!

Best of luck building your Empire!

The CheckiO Team <3

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