• The cool mission of this week - Four To The Floor


Hi, guys!

Test yourself and have fun with the cool new mission!

The mission is called "Four To The Floor" and it was created with the support of Ajax company. Here you need to determine whether the floor area of the given room is completely in the sensors’ coverage area by being given a room's size and a list of PIR sensors mounted on the room's ceiling and looking down on the floor.

is_covered([200, 150], [[100, 75, 130]]) == True                                   #example #1
is_covered([200, 150], [[50, 75, 100], [150, 75, 100]]) == True                    #example #2
is_covered([200, 150], [[50, 75, 100], [150, 25, 50], [150, 125, 50]]) == False    #example #3

In 2011, Ajax Systems was just an ambitious idea. Today, our security systems are being sold in 90 countries and protect more than 350 thousand people. Over the past 3 years, the company has become 30 times larger and has already sold more than two million devices. Each of them is designed, manufactured and tested in Kiev.

Ajax, as a system, is not just a set of sensors, but also beautiful and user-friendly applications that help users configure the system and manage their security. We are looking for a Python Developer to join the team that is currently working on Ajax PRO Desktop. Out tech stack consists of: Python 3, pyside2, QML, asyncio. Want to know more?

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Our congratulations to the winner of November 2019 - Ylliw - you are totally Awesome and we are very glad to have you here with us!

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