• All I want for Christmas is... a code review!

Hi there!

To keep you up to date on what happened this week...

New to the team: Sergii Voronov
We’re happy to introduce Sergii, currently working on an analytics part of CheckiO. Sergii’s major is in mathematics and statistics and he’s interested in ‘the puzzling bits of history and science’. Get to know him!

Editor’s choice
With multiple publications you tend to lose track of the more elegant solutions to a mission. Just because someone was the first to publicize their solution, doesn’t mean theirs is the best out there. Editors of challenges can now chose the solutions they had in mind (or are blown away by). So make sure you check those out, the next time you’re code browsing on CheckiO!

All I want for Christmas is…
With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to find out exactly what's on a Python dev's wish list! We got some fun answers from you guys and we'll make sure your wishlist makes it to the North Pole!

Review a community member’s code
Orhalimi was asking for code critique on our forum. And qria stepped right in and wrote two excellent (and in-depth) code reviews, which we just had to share with you.

Our developers have been putting in a lot of time to make CheckiO a whole lot faster. Which means: optimized loading time as soon as we release it (next week - woohoo!). We also added small things like the ability to create short links for our stations, that you can share among your friends, even if they haven’t unlocked that station yet themselves. So stay tuned!

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