• CheckiO's Challenging Poland!

Starting today, three missions will unlock for CheckiO's Polish players. These missions will be exclusive to Poland for the two weeks of the competition that will end on February 3rd. The top players with the highest scores in each of these three missions will earn their place as the Top CheckiO players in Poland. Once the competition has ended, they will open up to the global CheckiO community for everyone to play.

Gather People Golf: The building needs to be evacuated quickly. Use your code to help people escape!
Network Loops: Loops tend to cause problems for computer networks. Your mission is to create an algorithm to discover them.
Fruit Snake: Make the classic game Snake more of a challenge by adding new game-play elements to it.

For the duration of this challenge, a leaderboard will open up displaying the to Programmers in Poland who have competed in these missions. After the competition comes to a close, the top three players on this leaderboard will become Poland's CheckiO Champions and highlighted on the site. Good luck to our competitors, and have fun coding!

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