• CheckiO Mission Translation Summary

To make CheckiO fun for players world-wide, we want to provide translations for as many languages as possible. This is why, as come of you may know, we a implemented crowd-sourced mission translation feature some time ago. Ever since, many players have participated, offering translations for their favorite CheckiO missions!

Today, we would like to thank everyone who helped translating CheckiO missions and for taking an active part in CheckiO community and also to show you the results of our collective work! To view full translation report you can just click the image on the top of the article, or you can use this link to go to the same article.

As you can see, there's still lots of missions that still remain untranslated, so what we're asking is for your help furthering CheckiO's expansion! More languages means a larger world of coding adventures for everyone!

We would like to invite more translators of any language to help us enrich CheckiO's multi-language database. If you would like to contribute and learn more about how you can help out with the translation effort, check out this quick technical guide on the process.

We want to thank you all or your contributions!

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