• CheckiO Checks In!

We’ve got some major updates, news, and notes to share with the CheckiO community today! If you’ve been active on the site, you might already have come across a few of these; but there’s so much going on, we figured it’d be best to round it all up one spot so nothing important slips past your attention.

First up, CheckiO has been invited to Montreal’s PyCon! We’ll be presenting during the startup programming and doing our best to share the CheckiO mission with many prominent “Pythonistas,” educators, and potential partners or investors. At the same time, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends and community members, get new ideas and feedback, or just hang out and “poutine” with you. So if you’re in Montreal then (or at the con itself) shoot us an email and we’ll send updates on the inevitable CheckiO hangouts.

Next, here’s a rundown of some of the amazingly creative codes, discussions, and ideas currently worth noting in the CheckiO community:

Did you make it to the CheckiO meetup in Kiev? We’ve got a bigger post about the event (check it out here), but to summarize, it was a blast! Our Fight Club-styled competition pitted participants in randomized scenarios and timed solutions. We’re still fine-tuning the rules, but everyone has enjoyed these games so much, we’re sure they’ll remain a cornerstone of CheckiO offline meetups. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and mark them on your calendar. Let us know if you need tools and ideas for your CheckiO event.

Lastly, we’ve added a handful of new CheckiO achievement badges for you to earn. This latest batch is connected to Following and Followers—marking certain milestones and encouraging more interaction and engagement across the community. View the full announcement post for more details.

That’s it for the latest news round-ups! Have questions about anything we discussed here? Always know you can email us whenever you want more details.

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