• Burgers and Missions


So summer has officially begun and it’s the first week of July! While you’re waiting for the charcoal to heat up in your grill so you can start making burgers, why not try out one of the new tasks we have for you this week?

First, help the Robots determine the area of a chain of undiscovered Islands in the brand new Calculate Islands mission!

You can help Nikola, Stephen and Sofia set up a transportation network for a new colony in the Digging a Canal mission!

The next three tasks a for those fans of mathematics out there. (You know who you are!)

We have the Determinant mission in which you must write a function to discover the determinant for a matrix.

We also have the Matrix Transpose mission where you should transpose a matrix based on some inputs.

And the Skew-symmetric Matrix mission you will determine whether the specified square matrix is skew-symmetric or not.

That’s all for now. Have fun watching the fireworks and eating hotdogs this thursday!

Stay cool everyone!


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