• Behold! Your CheckiO news update has arrived!

Because we’re sure your schedule is full of hurrying and scurrying about and trying to catch up with plenty of important work, let’s dive right in to this week’s delightful trove of updates.

We’ve cracked open plenty of community oysters and discovered a couple of pearls we figured were worth sharing.

Oh, and hey! We’ve got a brand new mission to share.

  • Parse Array: “Um, Captain? Something is weird with the spaceship. Can you figure out what’s wrong and fix it so we don’t get lost in the multiverse?”

The main difference here is that the solution to this challenge already exists. Your job is to find and correct the bugs that have slipped into the system. Bug-hunting skills, engage!

Lastly for this week’s wrap-up, have you been on the forum lately? If so, you might’ve noticed a few new changes in our commenting system. We’ve been experimenting with a variety of ways to make communication between all you awesome Pythonistas more powerful, useful, and fun! Drop in on the forums, have your say, and enjoy the ever-evolving features that keep you in touch with peers around the world.

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