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Hello CheckiO users! 🙂

We have prepared good updates for CheckiO.

The search line has now an auto-complete function - you should not worry about typos.

Search keys description - as a search result you will see not only found solutions but also descriptions of used keywords, which will also help you to make sure you haven’t done any typo during the search.

Solution tags - every solution has a list of generated tags based on used keywords, functions, etc.. By clicking on those you’ll get to the search results page and find more similar solutions.

đź’ˇ 3 Highlights from the Python world:

70+ Python Projects for Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced Developers - Collection of step by step tutorials

PyCon 2021 Notes by Jeff Fischer and part 2 - This first blog post contains notes from the first day (May 14th), while the second blog post covers talks from the next day (May 15th)

The definitive guide to Python virtual environments with conda - (conda is the tool we use to install and manage Python and its libraries in our systems.)

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The main idea behind these games is to give you the opportunity to learn by exchanging experience with the rest of the community. Every day we are trying to find interesting solutions for you to help you become a better coder.

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