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Before I go through all the news and upgrades that happen during last week, I would like to ask you for a one minute favor.

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Now, let’s get back to the news.

I’m learning a lot from people who I follow. I’m learning from their solutions and from their code-reviews. That’s why we designed the Activity page on CheckiO. This was long time ago and I even have it covered a bit on some of our previous news. Our next step on improvements to the Activity page is Email Daily (or Weekly) digest.

Now, it is not necessary to login to CheckiO in order to check on interesting activities from users you follow. You can just subscribe on Digest and get all the updates by email once per day or once per week. Find it interesting? Go to your settings page and choose which kind of Digest you want to get.

We have one more filter for solutions. It’s called “Liked by Followers”. Now you can see not only filtered solutions by users who you follow, but also see only solutions they liked. Using this feature I found a solution for Roman Numerals, it is so simple, definitely for Editor’s choice.

We are testing two more missions on Polygon Island now. String Conversion, where you need to find the smallest number of operations to transform line1 to line2. And what is wrong with this family?, where you need to find out is the given family tree correct. If you have access to this station feel free to start testing those missions with us. Otherwise wait until they find their place on the game map. After that, those missions will start accepting solutions from users, so you shouldn’t miss anything.

Full Alice Island was translated in Japanese. Thank you guys for your support.

Thank you all for taking part in our weekly survey. Here is what we get. Our TOP3 favorite missions are Open Labyrinth, Pawn Brotherhood and Roman Numerals. Our average age is 33. Our TOP3 favorite games are Heroes Might and Magic 3, Tetris and Fallout. Btw, who have tried HMM VII already?

I feel like I know more about you now and get a bit closer. Please Check our next 3 questions (you may answer not to all three of them).

PS: I found a very good video for you about best practices for beautiful intelligible code by Raymond Hettinger

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