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First-nbaramichai 2
Nice ! instead of lines 7-10, you could write ```python return np.array_equal(a, b) ``` More
I know nickie's solution is faster but I would be interested to know if this one can be sped up further. Why is it slower ? More
Top solution with explanation-AdamToth
Nice ! That's exactly what I failed to come up with :) More
Short backwards DFS-StefanPochmann
Nice and clear ! I could learn a thing or two :) More
Unlucky Days-capback250 1
Hot topic : do you think Clear solutions should respect PEP8 ? :) More
Only the first and the last week matters-suic
Oh... right... indeed. Very well done ! More
if cant & 1: should be a bit faster than if cant % 2 != 0: Every nanosecond counts ! More
Deja vu-nickie 1
I don't get it, why not just 'int(s,r) or 0' ? More
Yippeee !!-Pouf
I would love to get some feedback on this one :) I don't know much yet, so I had to work around a lot of things... Like using hexadecimal to avoid 3+ digit coordinates. More
digestive-veky 1
Thanks veky, I didn't know that encode's default is utf-8 :) And I had forgotten about getattr. More