• Random Review


Welcome to a Random Review Mode. In this mode you'll receive solutions randomly from a specific category. Here are some facts you need to know:

  • In Random-Review Mode users can see once solution at the time which will be chosen randomly out of all available solutions in specific category for the specific mission.
  • In Random-Review Mode users is not able to see who is the author of this solution, what is the rating of this solution and how many comments the solution has.
  • For Random-Review CheckiO chooses the most recent solutions from active users. Solutions without any code-reviews have the biggest priority.
  • Non-Awesome users have to spend a particular amount of time in the Random Review Mode before they'll be able to see the Solutions Leaderboard. Here you can find out more about how to become Awesome.
  • The solutions of some missions can only be reviewed in a Random Mode regardless of the Awesome status. This usually applies of brand new CheckiO mission.
  • Code-Reviews from a Random Review Mode will bring 2 times more points than the Code-Reviews in a Normal Mode.
  • Code-Reviews (a comment under a solution) made in the Random-Review Mode will have a specific marker in comments interface visible to everybody.
  • In your settings you can subscribe on random-review by email, this way you'll be able to randomly receive the solutions from the 3 last solved missions and make Code-Reviews simply by replying to an email.