• What's Your Favorite Python IDE


Ok, I've tried several Python IDE's. Some are better than others, but I haven't found one that quite fits my wants and needs. I'm usually on a Mac or a Linux box so cross platform is a must have in my case. Also, I'm learning Python3 so any IDE that doesn't support that out of the box isn't so useful.

As a Python beginner/novice, I'm looking for something that can handle scripts more so than full blown Python projects.

IDLE is nice in a pinch, but its kind of odd on a Mac. Every time I tried to cut and paste within IDLE, it crashes. Anyway, on to the hunt for the best Python IDE for my learning.

Here are IDE's that are I've tried that are really project oriented: Aptana Studio -> Might as well be Eclipse PyDev [Eclipse Plug-In] -> way more than I need Pycharm -> great, but too project focused (little expensive too) Komodo IDE -> Too expensive for a novice/beginner

Here are some IDE's that can do single script work without having to wrap every script in a project: IEP -> Its workable, but still kind of crashy Editra + Plugins -> Not so good

So right now, I'm using a text editor with syntax highlighting and IDLE, which isn't ideal, but it works.

What do you guys use?