• Website suggestion (Image optimization)


I am a new user to the site, and I noticed that upon each page load, at least one or two images take quite a long while to load. Upon checking one of the images ("robots.png"), I noticed that it clocked in at 2.2 MB. This is quite a large image file, especially for users connecting wirelessly.

There are a few online image optimizers that I use for my own web development, and I would recommend the CheckIO team to look into. I personally like using Optimizilla which is free (www.optimizilla.com). Out of curiosity, I ran "robots.png" through it, and the file came down to 115kB, while retaining all of its detail and color. I attached a screen cap of it to this message.

Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback, and I hope this at least spurns some ideas for the developers of the site.




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