• Leave of absence


Hey, you guys!

It was a pleasure trying my hand at the Elementary missions (still one to go), but, checking out afterwards, I somehow got the impression that I am out of my depth and a little more tuition in python is in order.

Thanks to the blog posting on material and Python courses available for beginners, I decided to enrol on an introductory course in python in Coursera. Furthermore, the course had started and it's been a little hectic catching up on assignments and stuff.

I am sure to return here - I enjoyed trying to solve the missions - and strongly suspect I shall enjoy that even more after finishing the course.

In the meantime, feel free to make contact about any of my goofy published solutions, at fportilla2000@gmail.com. I plan to show up here from time to time, but not as frequently as I used to do.

'Hasta luego',:-) Fernando