• Hello everybody!


Hi everybody! I came to the forum for the first time since I joined checkio because I want some advises and opinions from experienced persons in programming field. I started learning programming with C# like 4 years ago. But still because I am a lazy person, I still can't level up from beginner in every programming language. Ok, let's skip this story.

Now, I'm trying to improve my python skills by doing missions on this site. And my solutions really really sucks. But there's a worse problem than the solutions being sucks. That is I am much more suck at Math. So, I couldn't understand of the mission that I tried to solve. Also, English is a second language for me.

So, here I ask. Do I also need to study Math in advance? And would you kindly give me some guidance to getting better in this programming field.

Thanks for giving some times to read this post and I appreciate every opinions of yours.