• New feature: Random Reviews are back!


Here, at CheckiO we're always trying to make your learning experience as fun as possible. This is why we're glad to announce that Random Reviews feature is back!

We had this feature a while back, but due to multiple user requests we're brought it back!

Reviews is an optional feature which allows you to review, learn and give advice to your peers on CheckiO. This addition comes in helpful by providing players more opportunities to learn from others through the process of either receiving or giving a random review.

To access new feature you will need to complete a desired task. The Reviews option will become available in right column on the completed tasks page. You will be given the option to comment, upvote or downvote a solution. After the review process, you will be have the opportunity to see who exactly wrote code which you've rated. For those who wish to participate, we've created two special badges for the best reviewers, check ’em out in attachments below!

We want you to know that we're not just spinning our wheels, but working hard to become the best place for mastering your programming skills. In fact, we have something special to announce in the coming month, so stay tuned to find out what's coming up!