• House password


I would like to give some feedback about house password task. As a result of my work I've got this code: def checkio(data): upme = 0 digme = 0 lowme = 0 if len(data)<10: print(False) else: for i in data: if i.isupper(): upme=upme + 1 elif i.isdigit(): digme = digme + 1 elif i.islower(): lowme = lowme + 1

    if upme and digme and lowme!= 0:

I know that this code nonoptimized , but it works correctly in my interpreter. After your testing I've got a Traceback assert checkio('A1213pokl') == False, "1st example" AssertionError: 1st example

My question is....is this a bug or i miss smthng? Thanks

From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/house-password/solve/


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