• Wrong test


I would like to give some feedback about a wrong test !

The last test my code has to pass (4/4 Extra) is wrong : The expected answer is a list of 2 integers (in the enonce) But when I'm testing my code with the 4/4 Extra test, the IDE says my code is wrong because :

Your result: [4237448233309136384, 33293484983663120384]

Right result: [2.4183843043037004e+21,1.9001162276662057e+22]

But, the expected answer is not a couple of integer (but in floating point format). (fyi : 4237448233309136384 / 33293484983663120384 = 0.12727559867609 and 2.4183843043037004e+21 / 1.9001162276662057e+22 = 0.12727559867609 )

please check the test ! Thank you

From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/oil-pie/solve/


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