• The 'speedy' section ... and actual agorithms



I subscribed to this website in the hopes of comparing my algorithms to those of others, on a performance basis to learn new tricks and way of approaching problems. And as a bonus it helps me learn Python which I picked up 2 days ago.

But sadly the vast majority of algorithms filed under 'speedy' are very far from being optimal. I've seen some O(n^2) complexity amongst the most voted ones for trivial exercises. And even if the theoretical complexity is lesser the implementation is so heavy that performance suffers (exercise 1 is a perfect example of this).

People seem to think that one-liners are optimal (since all top voted are usually 1-3 lines) but it's very unlikely that it'd be the case.

I propose that algorithms submitted in 'speedy' be benched on small and large datasets and be ranked accordingly.