• Monthly leader board clarification


Unlike leader board, monthly leader board is incomprehensible for me. I haven't found any description of this system too. So I have several questions.

1) What is the time interval from which points are included in monthly leader board? For me it would be logical to include points from only one month in the chosen time zone (for example, points from June to June monthly leader board, points from July to July monthly leader board, ...). In the current monthly leader board at least points from May, June and July are included.

2) There are two badges related to monthly leader board. First of them is "Leader of the month" (Best score during month) and the second of them is "Top monthly" (Had the best score during the month). Am I right that the second one should be given to anyone who reached the first place in monthly leader board at any time? Am I right that the first one should be given to the person who has the best score at the first second of the first date in the chosen time zone (first second of May 1, first second of June 1, first second of July 1, ...)? If I am not right please explain the rules. When are the players awarded with these badges? As far as I can see no one was awarded with them in June.