• [feedback] Solutions' cathegories



How about creating just one common ranking for solutions, but allow adding tags and filtering by them?

Reason: it's uncomfortable to jump from one list to another, some solutions aren't in the right cathegory (and noone but admins can change it, I believe) and I think that this feature could help in general experience of reviewing.

Default, special (orange) tags to choose from could be:

  • Clear, (alias for Readable) Readable, Documented and Educational.
  • Speedy (time wise)
  • Algorythmic (fast algorythmically/complexity wise)
  • Creative
  • Twisted, (alias for Twisted) Puzzling, Obfuscated and Weird.

(Speedy and Algorythmic may get redundant after adding solutions' performance calculation.)

In addition, they could describe some methods or modules you used for better cathegorisation. This could also be the way to give some love for current solutions in "uncathegorised" folder. We could even create some auto-tagging helps like adding tags for all imported modules.

How to translate current system? For start obvious solution seems adding tags from current cathegories "clear", "speedy" and "creative" and the auto-tagging I mentioned.

The best would be if author could add tags, edit them, and high-level (idk, 14+?) users could correct wrong tagging (or vote for it) or suggest some tags after reviewing.