• simply..stuck! (Bullet and wall)


My quiestion is about task "Bullet and wall" (http://www.checkio.org/mission/task/info/bullet-and-wall/)

I am just stuck

first, my code reached 48 lines of if and else statements, is this good or bad for such a task and what is the shortest record up to now?

seconds, i am facing a trouble dealing with a code saying if X >= min(xw1,xw2) and X <= max (xw1,xw2)

Although, the part X >= min(xw1,xw2) works fine when it is outside the function checkio(data), but it doesn't work fine when it is inside the funciton, what should be True gives False and vice versa, i even tested the code on my python shell and it was functioning the same!?

could you give me an advice please.