• The semantics of publication categories...


... is not clear to me. Before publishing in Alice in Wonderland, I have to stop and think what category my publication falls in and it's not clear what the answer should be. Some remarks:

  1. "Puzzle" and "clear" are (almost definitely) mutually exclusive. On the other hand, "Speedy" is orthogonal to those.

  2. "Uncategorized" means "I'm too lazy or confused to decide what it is"?

  3. I regret that one cannot see (and compare) a single list of all publications (unless again it's there and I didn't find it).

I understand the intention of categorizing publications and I think it's a good idea. But I suggest that you think of categories as tags, not disjoint sets. So, you could have a "clarity" tag with possible values "clear", "puzzle"; an "efficiency" tag with possible values "speedy", "brute force", etc., and so on. Authors would tag their publications, if they want, or leave them untagged. Also, editors (or other users?) could also tag publications if they find it appropriate.