• correlation between count, time and pigeons

Question related to mission Feed Pigeons


I don't get the correlation between minute and pigeons. I wrote the code. tested it. It passes the examples, but for auto test mode, it shows fail for checkio(3). Mine gives a list [3] as the result. But result says it should have been [2,1,0].

Do I assume that once every pigeon has eaten twice, I increase the count-per-minute. Or that it takes 1 minute to eat a portion?

Should checkio(7) give [3,2,2,0,0,0] or [3,2,2] ?. How do I know I have to increase the count-per-minute if there are just 2 parameters mentioned ?

Another ex: for checkio(8), it could be [3,2,2,1,0,0] or [4,2,2], hence giving different pigeon count.

PS: Attaching my assumed output for upto 30 portions. It shows (portions, pattern, count)