• CheckIO Questions

  1. When I first joined CheckIO few months ago, there was a page listing CheckIO's advisers with some descriptions and something like them offering to mentor. But I can't find that page anymore. Is the page taken down?

  2. In the map, there are still area greyed out, even though all the areas that I have opened so far doesn't indicate the possibility to unlock further maps. Is there something wrong with my map, or are those areas reserved for future missions?

  3. Is there a way to contact a user directly? Even when I clicked on a user profile, I don't see any option to send a message to that user.

  4. What about the DropBoxb area? Still not ready? Because the area was opened quite a while ago, but we still can't click on the missions.

  5. In the map, there are areas marked with yellow color and blue color. What's the differences?