• Suggestion for solution voting


The problem: When there are lots of published solutions for a task(typically more than one page) the probability of them being [re]viewed, voted or commented is very low. This probability converges to zero somewhere in the middle of the solutions list. Basically this is because rarely who views more than several solutions after posting their own which results in later solutions being somewhat "invisible". This is quite a problem, because some of the solutions are really ingenious, but most votes go for several first solutions which might not be as great. This fact might indirectly discourage some people from solving every task, because there is little chance their solutions will be noticed by other peers especially for new people.

Possible solution: In the initial "Solutions" view show only a handful of solutions(7?). Choose the solutions that go into that view by number of views of those solutions. Meaning - show the least viewed solutions. Basically the idea is this - organize solutions in such a way, so that each solution would be viewed roughly the same number of times. Of course there should be an option to sort solutions by votes or by the time it was posted.

Related question: How do you promote your solutions in order to get comments/votes ?