• Point System


I have finished all missions and published all solutions in HOME area. But yet still my points are not enough to unlock new area. From what I understand, since I have solved and published all tasks there, the only way I can get more points is if I get a vote for my publications.

HOME area is the earliest 'level' in checkio, and the number of solutions published there are huge. So the chance that new players will get their solutions reviewed will be very small, while the early publications that have already lots of votes will be getting more and more votes. How are we, the players that joined late, supposed to get points there?

Whether the point system need to be changed/reviewed, or there need to be more missions in any area to provide enough points to unlock new area.


P.S. For information, my available points at home are 179, but the point needed to open 'Scientific Expedition' is 275 (I've opened all other section that can be opened from Home = Old Library, O'Reilly, Electronic Station).