• Bug in assert input of tests.py


I found a rather odd bug in the input asserts that are implemented through the verification/tests.py file on gethub. I attempted to pass the string "w@AABGWA>eehurrag" as the input ("input": "w@AABGWA>eehurrag") but for some reason, the system thought that instead of passing a string, I was actually passing in 17 different parameters (1 for each character in the string). I tried to solve this issue by changing the quote types and by making the string into a raw string but neither of these fixes worked. I did however manage to solve this problem by formatting it as "input": ["w@AABGWA>eehurrag"]. While this will not impair the functionality of the solver's code, I thought it was worth noting.

Before code: "Basics": [ { "input": "w@AABGWA>eehurrag", "answer": "Password1", "explanation": "" } ],

Fixed code "Basics": [ { "input": ["w@AABGWA>eehurrag"], "answer": "Password1", "explanation": "" } ],