• Js Errors output doesn't correct

Question related to mission House Password


At least something goes wrong I think

My code goes bellow just in case

import string
LOW_LETTERS = set(string.ascii_lowercase)
UP_LETTERS = set(string.ascii_uppercase)
DIGITS = set(string.digits)

def checkio(data):
    s_data = set(data)
    #replace this for solution
    return len(data) >= 10 and LOW_LETTERS.intersection(s_data) and \
        UP_LETTERS.intersection(s_data) and DIGITS.intersection(data)

#Some hints
#Just check all conditions

#These "asserts" using only for self-checking and not necessary for auto-testing
if __name__ == '__main__':
    assert checkio('A1213pokl') == False, "1st example"
    assert checkio('bAse730onE4') == True, "2nd example"
    assert checkio('asasasasasasasaas') == False, "3rd example"
    assert checkio('QWERTYqwerty') == False, "4th example"
    assert checkio('123456123456') == False, "5th example"
    assert checkio('QwErTy911poqqqq') == True, "6th example"