• New Island Idea


This my sounds like nerdy(!) but i think we may add an island for questions about sequence alignment problems.(May have a name like Cool Science or Research Lab) Actually I am kinda busy till september 7 but after than I can add tasks for alignment problems. In CHECKIO i saw many completely original solutions from all over the world. I think if we add a new island I will add 9-10 different task that they have also scientific value. So if we may find an original solution to the problem, we may publish with citing our website. The simplest question may have a structure like this: Match=5 pt Mismatch=-2 pt Gap=-3 pt

query1=AAACCCAAA query2=CCCAAACCC Find the best match and the best matching score.

Best match is q1 AAACCCAAA--- q2 ---CCCAAACCC Score is 12=(6Match)-(6Gap)

I am waiting for your ideas about this issue...